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Wearing a Cocconero Bag is a whole new experience and we believe the best part of it is sharing the emotion it brings with others. So, if you happen to share our passion and excitement, join us in our mission to inspire more people with a new Look and carrying bag. We’d be happy to have you on board as a Cocconero ambassador. The Cocconero project has come a long way and today many people all over the world wear our bag. We know that finding a fellow Cocconero might be a real treasure and we’d love to help this happen. 

Here is more or less what we imagine a Cocconero ambassador could be engaged with:
* Spread the word about Cocconero in town * Help build local Cocconero communities
* Find and connect with other Fashion Lover around, wear together and share knowledge and experience
* Arrange individual test wearing according to his availability and if keen to – help us set up, organize and execute local events. Create fun and positive ambiance and experience
* Enjoy wearing it, have fun and stay positive 🙂

CN We’re always open to any kind of suggestions you might have, be it about the program itself or any kind of side initiatives you’d like to try out. Just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help out.

Each Cocconero Ambassador has a unique promo code which gives 30% (Europe/Rest of the World) discount for each bag order placed on our website. For each bag, bought with your code, you will receive 20%. 

Special Quote for Ambassador
After being approved as an Ambassador, you will get a code to get the bag with 30% discount.

Each ambassador will have access to a set of online tools that will help her/him connect with other Cocconero and people who want to try it. The whole idea behind the online tools is to allow you to ultimately spend more time out, enjoy your Cocconero and do it in a good company 🙂

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