Hi there

You are here because you want to know who is behind this product?

And that's right, I'm Claudio Frasca, a simple man who still has dreams today, I wanted to create a men's bag that doesn't exist twice and from this idea I wanted to have unique designs on t-shirts, shoes etc . Hence the NFT's Shirt, a completely new concept of wearing a t-shirt.

Cocconero is not just a brand, it's a story.

Most of those who wear something from cocconero have their own stories.

I support Treedom» a project for sustainable economic development in poor countries. No big risks and bureaucratic costs.

What is the Label Whale Rider?

It's about feeling free like a Whale in the ocean, a Whale the biggest Mammals in the Ocean and each of you in this Earth is big enough to feel free, you just need to get into your zone.

Cocconero is cool, crazy and a man