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Over the course of its life, each tree absorbs CO₂ (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere and stores it in its wooden parts. This process removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, and its effects are greater the longer the trees are able to grow and live.

The trees we plant have big ambitions: to bring benefits not only to the environment, but also to the people who live in it. That’s why we work with NGOs and local communities to select the right tree for the right place and the right purpose. That’s why we think about the medium and long term, because we’re not content with simply planting trees: we want to see them grow.

It is very important to me to make a positive contribution to our world. I was lucky to be born in a safe country and for that I would like to give an opportunity to contribute to my Claudio’s Forest with others who want to share their happiness. Cocconero bags is my brand and with every bag sold I plant a tree in my forest. You can also plant a tree without buying a bag. Join in and move because you can and may. Thanks by Claudio Frasca

Lets set some tree in my Forest for freedom, Benefit and health: LET’s START»

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